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Lula Wellness Pilates Workshops

Within our Pilates Workshops series we aim to deliver monthly workshop sessions running for 2hrs on the first Wednesday of each month.


Workshops will be varied, delivering an interesting, useful and fun workshop topics. Lula Wellness Pilates sessions will be run with a maximum of 8 clients, which means you will get the attention necessary to work to achieve your goal.
December Stretch & Mindful Pilates Mat Workshop
Wednesday 5th December 7-9pm
A workshop to increase the flexibility of the back, front line, side body, hamstrings, and hips . A mindful Pilates Matwork Class focusing on the body and mind, flowing through the exercises with precision, control and with the breath, Finishing the workshop with 15-20 minutes of mindful relaxation.
Book in advance as spaces limited to 8

Contact Lula Wellness

Tel :077885838022



Frances Healer