Lula Wellness | Runners – Is muscle shortening holding you back?
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Runners – Is muscle shortening holding you back?

Runners – Is muscle shortening holding you back?

8 in 10 runners are suffering with muscle imbalances, causing runers to suffer from

  • Weak & tight hip flexors
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Painful quads
  • Knee pain
  • Low back pain

Do you want to fix the issues and fnd the key to running pain ,If you train and train and spend all your time training, but if your muscles are shortened and out of balance , you will not achieve the your potential as a runner. Adaptive shortenening Muscle imbalances put you at higherr risk or injury and pain with runnung, you may already be in pain and suffering with one of the above symptoms.

Targeting muscle imbalances with dynamic movement, strenghtening and relaease and activation restoring muscle balance is the proven recipe to eliminating knee and back pain , improving injury rehab, restoration of imbalances and healthy normal range of motion also supproting improved enduarnce of your muscle strenght to support you to reach your running potential.

Why is this such bad news for us runners right now!!

We are sitting so much more especially as we are restircted by current pandemic and we are spedning much more time at home SITTING.

Sitting for long periods time or frequently during our daily activities will weaken hamstrings, glutes, tighten quads and hip flexors, causing a tilt and imbalance of the pelvis. Which is seriously bad news for the bodies alighment and muslce balance. Unfortunately running or staning for longer periods does not reverse the problem and can worsen muscle imbalances and cause pain and eventually potential injury.

What the Runners Pilates & Fascia FIT Programme will achieve for you.

  • Get rid of knee, hip and lower back pain
  • Correct imabalances of the abdominal muscle system of the pelvis and powerhouse
  • Restore muslce balance and support your bodies range of motion for improved running technique
  • Increased efficiency and endurance
  • Give you the fun and freedom to do what you love and keep doing it.

If the pelvis is out of position and mucles are tight around the hip flexors, it can cause many issues with body movement.

The psoas are a important muscle group that connect the upper and lower bosy and the imprtant bridge. If it is tilted or out of alignment it affects the stabilization of the hips, which are key in supporting the lower back, the abdomen and tight or unbalanced , this can cause muscle imbalances and consequences in almost every part of your body. Pelvic tilts need to be addressed and imbalances treated .

Shortened muscles and the resulting limitied range of motion at our joints affects nealry every singel one of us.

The Runners Pilates & Fascia FIT programme includes stretches, dynamic and static pre run , deep tissue stretches and fascia release, with correct muscle activation , post run stetches and strength and endurance training sessions.

The programme is easy to follow , designed for runners and will support runners to keep running.