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Welcome to Lula Wellness


Lula Wellness Pilates is run by instructor Frances Healer. Pilates sessions led by Frances focus on movement with control , precision and importantly pain free. The aim of Pilates sessions are to build core strength, improve spinal flexibility and enhance body balance, body awareness and body confidence.

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”

Joseph Pilates

Class timetable & Information leaflet Autumn 2018

Pilates is a method of exercises used to combine building muscle strength, improving body balance & deepening body awareness to enhance the body’s optimum movement.


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Lula Wellness Pilates & Nutrition in partnership with Real Wales Tours bring you special small group wellness experiences in the most beautiful parts of Wales.


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Within our Pilates Workshops series we aim to deliver monthly workshop sessions running for 1hr 30mins on the first Wednesday of each month.


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Meet Frances

Our instructor Frances is a qualified Peak Pilates instructor. Frances also has additional CPD training in specialist areas such as pregnancy & post natal Pilates, Pilates & osteoporosis, Pilates & stretch therapy and most recently Pilates for Kids. She is passionate about working with people to empower women and men to move with body awareness, body control and without pain.

Frances Healer